J.A.D. Also refers to testimonies by former addicts, who has once fell victims to drugs, then later made their way to J.A.D. It's an institution that welcomes everyone without discrimination. Those who seek help and healing from J.A.D receive care and assistance from the best experts. JAD also looks after the needs of the families of addicts, by offering special seminars aiming to team family members. It teaches them on how to adopt a constructive attitude and help in the recovery of their loved one by taking an active role and learning new patterns of interpersonal behavior to bond with their children, rather than being alienated from them.
J.A.D. also teaches parents and teachers on how to recognize the warning signs of drug addiction, and provides guidance on the best ways of convincing young people to seek treatment.


Every year, J.A.D. organizes summer camps in every region of Lebanon where the youth receives training on dealing with addicts and addiction; from experienced professionals; in the context of lectures, seminars, films, and testimonials by former addicts, young men and women.
Each year, J.A.D. organizes a contest for the best poster created by a university student, to warn against drug addiction and related social vices. The goal of this endeavor is to enter every university through the widest door possible. This is to be able to undertake yearly exhibitions, and therefore, publish and distribute tens of thousands copies of the winning poster. This summer J.A.D. has mounted an awareness campaign and published 100,000 brochures concerning addiction and social diseases.
J.A.D. main office in Jbeil is a specialized center for research and studies on drugs. It features a library and a poster exhibition, which are both unique all over the Middle East. J.A.D. has assisted 23 physicians, pharmacists, and engineers in their doctoral dissertations, and has participated in 183 academic research projects by university students in Lebanon. J.A.D. has participated in an international conference about the problem of drugs and how these destroy human beings on the levels of values, spirit, society, education, and economy.

Basic Facts and Figures

The volunteers, working with J.A.D. Lebanon, are students, doctors, teachers, engineers, and lawyers from each and every confessional sect. The J.A.D. family is a truly Lebanese family:The J.A.D. chief center in Jbeil had healed 8274 addicts from every region of Lebanon. This healing from addiction has been complete and total due to its focus on three stages: psychological, spiritual, medical, and physical. The J.A.D. approach does not only address de-intoxication, but also stresses social rehabilitation of the recovered addict and his immediate social network.

J.A.D. key achievements

J.A.D. has played a leading role in the efforts made to erase Lebanon's name from the list of countries that produce drugs.Destroyed all farms that grow hashish and opium poppies in Lebanon, in addition to coordination with the Lebanese judicial forces in combating drug merchants and local and international drug rings. Reducing the number of addicts in Lebanon by 81 percent. J.A.D. has given more than 1600 seminars and lectures, which have reached more than 325,000 people. J.A.D. has also given training at military barracks to more than 20,000 people.


Future aspirations
Establishing a treatment center for physical and psychological recovery and rehabilitation from addiction, on a piece of land offered to J.A.D. near the Notre Dame Des Secours hospital in Jbeil. We have completed our studying phase of the project, and now we are going to launch an informative and fund-raising campaign to collect the needed amount. The campaign will target national and international charity organizations, public and private sectors and businessmen.Opening a 24-hour-a-day SOS Addiction Treatment Center to provide guidance and help around the clock to those in need. We beseech you to help us in this important effort, which will be a valuable service to our youth, our society, and our nation.

  Thank you for your time and consideration of the work of J.A.D. we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to visit our center.
Joseph C.Hawat
President of J.A.D.
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