The President’s Resume

Joseph Charles Hawat

-Born in Byblos year 1966
-School Education at Freres school Byblos, and St.Paul-Jounieh
-Holding a technical degree in electricity from Byblos Technical Institute
-Founded with father Benoit Succar J.A.D (Youth Against Drugs1990) n.t. 164/AD
-Founder and president of "Lebanese Charity Committee" nt. 431/2
-Vice president of J.A.D for five years.


-Responsible for the International Relations at the energy and environment academy 1994-97
-Member of The Lebanese Press Syndicate id-57
- Awarded several shields from The Lebanese army for his services to the military departments.
-Elected as president for J.A.D in 1998 as a result of the general assembly
-Assistant member in four orphanages in Byblos and Keserwan area.
-Participated in several national and international conferences, example the late conference in Italy and Egypt-1997 for the awareness of drugs problems.
-Appointed by local authorities and clubs as commissioner in the Beach Protection Committee.
-Delivered several lectures in schools, clubs and media.Appointed as manager of "Youth Radio", and for preparing several radio programs in this domain.
-Member of the Byblos Merchants League - 1995
-Founder of "Byblos Youth League" 1989 - 94
-Owner of "Hawat press", and it has 3 branches
-Founding member of "The Co-operative Health Association.
-Founded the first specialized library for anti-drug in the Middle East.
-Awarded a certificate of gratitude from Diderot Center in France.
-Founded several JAD branches in Lebanon and abroad.

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